Boat Maintaince


Forward by By Allen Edwards


I don't' live where there is a lot of lightning so my strategy is to stay in the slip and make sure there are boats with taller masts around. The path lightning would take on my boat is down the stanchions, down a stainless strap, out the through bolts that hold the strap, and through the bottom paint. Would this blow a hole in my boat? I don't know. From what I have read, a direct hit with a strong lightning bolt seems like it would blow up the boat but most lightning strikes are not of the maximum strength so far more boats survive than I would have thought. Below are some references on what lightning is about and how to make your boat survive a lightning strike. I present it although my take is that there is a lot of theory and not much fact. The last article is particularly interesting in that is basically says all the other articles are wrong and they have a new theory, but it is untested so they don't know if it is right or not either. Good luck.

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